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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Where can I see Mercedes-Benz Arena’s upcoming shows?

        -You can check out our Events Calendar here.

        Where can I buy tickets for an upcoming show?

        You can purchase tickets through our official partner Damai.cn.

        How do I get to Mercedes-Benz Arena?

        Address: No. 1200, Shibo Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai. Next to the China Art Museum and Expo Boulevard.
        Subway: Line 8 China Art Museum Station (Exit 4)

        Bus: City Bus No.1188, City Bus No. 177, City Bus No. 83.

        Where can I park?

        The Mercedes-Benz Arena parking garage is located on Level B2 and has more than 430 parking spots. Find out more here.

        Is there anything to eat or drink at Mercedes-Benz Arena?

        Yes, we have both concession stands for events, restaurants throughout the compound, and catering options for private events and our VIP suites.